Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My solution!

   Now that you know something about my background let me fill you in on how i plan to pay my debt, get a house, etc. I thought about it for a long time and it only comes to this: money. Nothing else. I am going to need money the realize my dream.
   I started thinking about ways to get more money and these are some of my ideas:
   -I work in a very slow paced environment when it comes to raises and advancement opportunities and it would take me a long time to make enough for what i need. I don't want to get rich quick but i do want to be debt free and financially secure faster.
   -I thought about getting another part-time job (I used to have two part-time jobs to help pay for my school) but from my experience it really doesn't pay much, at least not enough for what I want and what i envision. What i mean is that after i get all debt payed I want to keep making money and grow in how I do it. A part time job is not the answer to my problem.
   -Work from home, get rich quick, "Make an extra 2k", "single stay home mom makes 5,000 with Google", "free government grants", etc - who even listens to these gimmicks anyway? Who comes up with all this junk?
    -How about if I start my own business? (this is where my eyes got big and an imaginary light bulb lighted up above my head).
   Please understand that this process took me a year and a half or so, long time when you're financially grasping for air. Too long for that matter and I am the only one that can be blamed.
  The conclusion is that I decided to start a business and make an escape on my own.

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