Thursday, March 31, 2011

My business idea.

  Good to know that nobody will read my post. I hate to keep journals but I am fine with a blog (?!).
  This is my idea of a business that I believe I have the knowledge and the passion to start and to run.
  I searched high  and low for a business that will fit me. I read all the magazines I could find at Borders and B&N, read online articles on well established websites and followed posts by prominent business owners. Trust me, I didn't waste time and this is what I came up with:
  What I want to do is a mobile video game entertainment unit. A van or a smaller RV or a trailer of some sort that I fit to accommodate a number of people sitting inside playing games on consoles with some large flat screen TV's in front. The selling point is that I will drive this mobile arcade to a customer's house for a party of some sort or any form of gathering - kids and adults alike - I've seen plenty of grownups with controllers and I am sure you have too. Children and most likely teens will be the target customers and there's plenty room to grow with such a large pool of prospective clients.
   This is not the best idea, I'm sure but I need to do something fast.
   I will elaborate on this later in the blog.

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