Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My first post/blog - ever. About me!

   Hello everybody, my name is Chris M. i am 29 years old and I live in Sacramento  California,  I am married and I have a son plus another baby on the way.

    I have a regular day job at a manufacturing plant and I am also a part-time student at CSU Sacramento majoring in Mechanical Engineering so my days are pretty full and I am stretched to maximum between all my obligations.

   My greatest frustration is my credit card debt. Although I have a good job that i like it only pays the bills and is not enough to help me put a big dent in my debt. We do live within our means and maybe under our means but still it is not enough to pay off the credit card debt, let alone put some money aside for savings.

   I rent an apartment as I've always have but I dream of buying my own house someday and live the American dream and give my kids a place to call home - and a backyard with a swing!

   I am tired of dreaming!

   This blog is about me trying to do something about it, to finally wake-up debt free, owning my house and being my own boss.

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