Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updates... where to find 'em

If interested, please follow me on Twitter @gamingcruiser and Facebook, same user name. Notably to say that i never used a blog, Twitter or Facebook. I am learning as I go so I might make mistakes along the way. Please be patient with me.

Me blogging about it~

   Now I want to explain my reasoning about blogging and putting it all on line for all to see.
   I have never used a blog not even a regular paper journal. I am no writer nor do I have a business background. I've always had a regular job plus other part time jobs on the side to help with school tuition. Since I started working I dreamed of owning my business but I was always too comfortable with my job to do something.
   I read so many books, magazines, articles and posts on starting a business but i never found an actual step-by-step start-up, with all the implications and decisions needed along the way. Of course, the web is full of helpful advice and ideas but one has to find the one that works for him and even then some tweaking is need to make it fit the required needs.
   This is why i decided to start my business from scratch and log every detail about it, make public everything and even if there's no interest in such an undertaking it will be useful to me to have a direction and a sense of accomplishment. I will use this blog to record notable events about the life of a start-up from scratch. Everything will be public, from getting the required licenses to getting funding, from marketing strategies to cash flow charts. I will use any medium I find fit ( Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc... ) but nothing is set in stone, things will change and the beauty of it is that everything will be logged. How long it will take me, I don't know but I am sure ready to find out. Most importantly I have my wife's support and understanding ( no money though, we have no savings yet - credit card debt , remember?).
   Ok, I will get started. There's so much to do.

My business idea.

  Good to know that nobody will read my post. I hate to keep journals but I am fine with a blog (?!).
  This is my idea of a business that I believe I have the knowledge and the passion to start and to run.
  I searched high  and low for a business that will fit me. I read all the magazines I could find at Borders and B&N, read online articles on well established websites and followed posts by prominent business owners. Trust me, I didn't waste time and this is what I came up with:
  What I want to do is a mobile video game entertainment unit. A van or a smaller RV or a trailer of some sort that I fit to accommodate a number of people sitting inside playing games on consoles with some large flat screen TV's in front. The selling point is that I will drive this mobile arcade to a customer's house for a party of some sort or any form of gathering - kids and adults alike - I've seen plenty of grownups with controllers and I am sure you have too. Children and most likely teens will be the target customers and there's plenty room to grow with such a large pool of prospective clients.
   This is not the best idea, I'm sure but I need to do something fast.
   I will elaborate on this later in the blog.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is a link I found that is very relevant to my business situation:

My solution!

   Now that you know something about my background let me fill you in on how i plan to pay my debt, get a house, etc. I thought about it for a long time and it only comes to this: money. Nothing else. I am going to need money the realize my dream.
   I started thinking about ways to get more money and these are some of my ideas:
   -I work in a very slow paced environment when it comes to raises and advancement opportunities and it would take me a long time to make enough for what i need. I don't want to get rich quick but i do want to be debt free and financially secure faster.
   -I thought about getting another part-time job (I used to have two part-time jobs to help pay for my school) but from my experience it really doesn't pay much, at least not enough for what I want and what i envision. What i mean is that after i get all debt payed I want to keep making money and grow in how I do it. A part time job is not the answer to my problem.
   -Work from home, get rich quick, "Make an extra 2k", "single stay home mom makes 5,000 with Google", "free government grants", etc - who even listens to these gimmicks anyway? Who comes up with all this junk?
    -How about if I start my own business? (this is where my eyes got big and an imaginary light bulb lighted up above my head).
   Please understand that this process took me a year and a half or so, long time when you're financially grasping for air. Too long for that matter and I am the only one that can be blamed.
  The conclusion is that I decided to start a business and make an escape on my own.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My first post/blog - ever. About me!

   Hello everybody, my name is Chris M. i am 29 years old and I live in Sacramento  California,  I am married and I have a son plus another baby on the way.

    I have a regular day job at a manufacturing plant and I am also a part-time student at CSU Sacramento majoring in Mechanical Engineering so my days are pretty full and I am stretched to maximum between all my obligations.

   My greatest frustration is my credit card debt. Although I have a good job that i like it only pays the bills and is not enough to help me put a big dent in my debt. We do live within our means and maybe under our means but still it is not enough to pay off the credit card debt, let alone put some money aside for savings.

   I rent an apartment as I've always have but I dream of buying my own house someday and live the American dream and give my kids a place to call home - and a backyard with a swing!

   I am tired of dreaming!

   This blog is about me trying to do something about it, to finally wake-up debt free, owning my house and being my own boss.