Thursday, March 31, 2011

Me blogging about it~

   Now I want to explain my reasoning about blogging and putting it all on line for all to see.
   I have never used a blog not even a regular paper journal. I am no writer nor do I have a business background. I've always had a regular job plus other part time jobs on the side to help with school tuition. Since I started working I dreamed of owning my business but I was always too comfortable with my job to do something.
   I read so many books, magazines, articles and posts on starting a business but i never found an actual step-by-step start-up, with all the implications and decisions needed along the way. Of course, the web is full of helpful advice and ideas but one has to find the one that works for him and even then some tweaking is need to make it fit the required needs.
   This is why i decided to start my business from scratch and log every detail about it, make public everything and even if there's no interest in such an undertaking it will be useful to me to have a direction and a sense of accomplishment. I will use this blog to record notable events about the life of a start-up from scratch. Everything will be public, from getting the required licenses to getting funding, from marketing strategies to cash flow charts. I will use any medium I find fit ( Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc... ) but nothing is set in stone, things will change and the beauty of it is that everything will be logged. How long it will take me, I don't know but I am sure ready to find out. Most importantly I have my wife's support and understanding ( no money though, we have no savings yet - credit card debt , remember?).
   Ok, I will get started. There's so much to do.

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