Sunday, April 10, 2011

Social Media Accounts

   My goodness! Following Brody Dorland's advice on blogging I put myself on this beautiful Sunday noon to get some accounts online to link my blog to, and boy is it time consuming. Only a few of them and I already lost count, luckily I wrote down on paper the website and the password and the security questions and the user name and the alternate e-mail address and the retrieval code and ....
   The accounts i already had are on Twitter (@gamingcruiser), Facebook (Gaming Cruiser), gmail (, and Now I added quite a few: Word Press (alternate blogg site - to see how that works), LinkedIn, Digg, amazon, youtube, craigslist ( I want to sell some stuff to raise money for my startup) and also ebay, skype, flickr, yahoo, msn and .... I think that's it.
   I don't know if I should make an account on MySpace... are any would be customers on it? Anybody still using Myspace? I don't know, maybe it won't hurt ... ok, add myspace.
   Any other sugestions Mr. Brody Dorland? Or anybody else?


  1. I could go on all day...First comment though. Your piece of paper with all your accounts is going to get messy, especially when you get an account hacked and you have to go change all your passwords. Start an excel spreadsheet! I can send you a template if you need it.

    Secondly, don't bother with Myspace. (Hi Myspace! I'm sure they are listening.) The speed of their death is increasing rapidly at this point.

    Last point...Getting all these accounts set up is a good start, but to get the most out of them, I'd recommend learning about each of them, getting a feel for which ones your audience are using most, and then feed those with new content and regular engagement.

    Anyone can build an online marketing machine, but you have to keep putting premium gas in it to help it perform at a high level.

  2. Oh my, thank you for your comment Brody. I was so excited when I saw the email header that someone left a comment on my blog. I very much appreciate your input and it is very true what you say, my accounts paper did get very messy... and lengthy. Also I didn't sign up for MySpace for the same reason you said - dying breed.

    I have a lot of headache with learning all the different social media venues, they're all unique in their skill requirement but now I am reduced just to this blog and twitter. I am having trouble getting the hang of Facebook and Linkedin, especially the former. I barely managed to make a business page that somehow turned out to be a personal page and from there two fan pages from which I can't delete one. Headache after headache. But I am smart and I will figure it out.

    Thanks for the input, very valuable to me.

  3. Yes, you will figure it out. If you want some additional help in the online marketing/social media strategy department, this might help:

    Sorry for the shameless plug, but this system is designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you who are trying to navigate all these online marketing tools. The bottom line is you need to get in the heads of your buyers and understand which sites and tools they use to do product/service research. Those are your fishing holes. Then the Publisher Method can help you create just the right bait.

    Best of luck Mihnea!