Friday, April 1, 2011

First step

   There are plenty of articles on the web about the first steps to start your own business. I think I've read them all (no, really, I did). Nothing applies to me so I'll just take my own steps and write my own "road to success".
  Today I looked for a suitable vehicle for my purpose. Some van (Ford 350 or Dodge ) seems the most suitable and long enough to house two 42" TVs. I looked for some gaming chairs, in particular for the dimensions to have an idea how many fit in the van. I would like to fit at least 8 chairs inside. That would require some major retrofitting but oh well , let 's do it.
   Another important thing is that I went over my finances and ... it doesn't look pretty. I will spend some time over the weekend and make an accurate assessment of all my available startup funds ( missus will have an important word to say to this regard). I will post that on Monday, most likely.
   What I need done asap is a list with major purchases needed, like TVs , Van , Chairs, Retrofitting the van, a generator for all the electronics, game consoles( xbox, ps3, wii - do I need all three? ) , accessories for the electronics ( nunchacks , cotrollers- wired or wireless, etc) , and that s pretty much it.  HEEEYYY, there's my list! Woohooo.
   Make major purchases list: CHECK.
   Next step: asses available startup funds.

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