Monday, April 4, 2011

Second step

   After talking to my wife and looking high and low for long forgotten cash and bank accounts (under sofa cushions included) I have an idea where i stand financially. Do not laugh at me!
   In my bachelor days checking account I have $32.45, in savings $34.80 and $90 in cash. Out of which I paid $10 to register a domain name ( I'll get to that later) and $40 cash are my one year old son's - he got them for Christmas and I wanted to open an account for him- imagine! so I won't touch those. Which brings us to a grand total of $107.25 to start my own business. :) Couldn't be better. 
   Now remember that we want to use our salaries to pay the debt and Mr. Dave Ramsey might have a word or two to say about this, but I will use any extra money that "I" (not we) will make to use towards the business, not debt.
   I have to add that at this point in time I am not looking for outside funding, I think it would be better if I have a business plan put together and then I will take a chance at pitching my idea to investors and of course  I will blog about it in detail. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
   STEP 2: Startup funds, CHECK!
   Next step: who knows? I'm my own boss! ( outside 9 to 5. And when I'm not at home. Or with customers... oops, I spoke too soon).

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